Mobi-Water Smart Billing Meters

Automate your water billing with Mobi-Water Prepaid and Postpaid Smart meters. Track, manage and automate water payments on the Mobi-Water software

              • Automate monthly water billing and payment collection.
              • Combine service charge and water bill invoicing.
              • Avoid debt through upfront prepaid water payments.
              • Increased accuracy and transparency in water billing.
              • Remotely shut off the water supply on non-payment.
              • Identify meter tampering and improve accuracy.
              • Reduce consumer water wastage and water theft.

♣Eliminate Payments Debts 

Get payments upfront before water is consumed, this ensures you collect all your water payments for the consumed water.

Seamless Accurate Payment Accounting

Track all your M-pesa water payments online once water tokens are purchased on the Mobi-Water Dashboard and get monthly automated reports.

♣ Save costs and time

Eliminate expensive manual meter readers and paper billing which causes errors in your water billing.

♣ Curb Tenant Disputes

Prepaid meters allow consumers to purchase tokens for only the amount of water they intend to use. No more end month disputes over high water bills.





Pricing (Ksh.)

Prepaid Water Meter



>Best for Apartments, homes & water utilities.

>Token input Keypad is built on top of the meter


Ksh. 11,500

Prepaid Water Meter

(Separate Keypad)

>Best for Homes & water utilities. 

>Meter has a separate  Customer Interface Unit (CIU) to input tokens.


Ksh. 14,500

Postpaid Smart Meter

>Best for Apartments, homes & water utilities.

>Meter uploads daily water usage to the Mobi-Water software.

Ksh. 14,000


Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the Mobi-Water Billing Software?

The Mobi-Water Prepaid Software is a one-in-all billing system that helps property managers, landlords and utilities to manage and bill their consumers’ water bills using Prepaid Meters. It empowers you to collect your money upfront, manage meters in different buildings and water tariffs on the same platform. On the software, you will be able to track water payments from each house and receive monthly payment reports. 

How Do Prepaid Water Meters Work?

Prepaid Water Meters work similarly to the KPLC token meters. A customer purchases a token unit using Mpesa Paybill Number. They will receive a token number which they feed to the meter. As the customer uses water, their token balance reduces until the units are depleted. The meter shuts off prompting the customer to top it up.

How Do I Receive Money Collected?

Money collected through the dedicated Paybill number will be remitted after every 2 weeks or the user can opt to cash out at will.

Can I have my M-pesa Paybill Number Integrated into the Billing Software?

Yes, you can have your own M-pesa Paybill integrated into the Mobi-Water Billing Software so that payments go directly to your Paybill Number. However, there is a one-time integration cost that will be charged to integrate our software into your paybill. If you require this, please reach out to us for further clarification on the integration costs.

Are there any costs for using the Billing Software once I have purchased the Prepaid Meters?

Yes, we charge a 5-10% commission on the payments processed using the Mobi-Water Billing Software. This payment will cover all the maintenance costs related to software uptime, token generating servers, software user accounts and token SMS sent to tenants/consumers. We do not charge any additional monthly costs.

Who is the Ideal Customer for Billing Software?

The Mobi-Water Billing Software is ideal for Property Managers, Landlords, Utilities, and Small Water Distributors.

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