Monitor Water Levels and Volume with Mobi-Water Tank Sensors and Smart Meters

Get water monitoring solutions for your Homes, Businesses, Utilities and Water Projects.

Secure your Water with Mobi-Water Real-Time Water Monitoring Solutions. Remotely monitor water levels in all tanks sizes and track water consumption online with Mobi-Water

♣ Save Money

Analyze usage patterns, revenue trends, and customer behavior to reach sustainability and budgeting goals. 

♣ Improve Operational Efficiency

Bring Accountability to your water usage and operations. Track every drop of water used in your organization. 

♣ Predicts and manage water shortages

Use deep analytics and reports to help you understand your water usage behavior.

♣ Identify Leaks and Water Wastage

Get notified of potential leakages or when your usage targets are exceeded. Avoid excessive water usage or wastage.





Pricing (Ksh.)

Tank Sensor  – Home

(It measures upto 3.5M)

Recommended for Plastic Tanks


>Best for water tanks in homes & small businesses
>Sends notifications before your tanks run dry.


Ksh. 17,500

Tank Sensor – Industrial

(It measures upto 7M)

>Best for large businesses and water utility tanks.
>Recommended for tanks above 3.5M height.


Ksh. 60,000

Smart Meters

(Available from 0.5″ -8″ Size)

>Best for industries, businesses, water kiosks & water utilities.

>Track real-time water usage online.


Price Depends on Meter Size

From Ksh. 25,000


Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I access my water data once the smart tank sensor or meter is installed

Mobi-Water provides a full suite of online software consisting of an Online Dashboard, Mobile App and SMS notifications to allow you to access your data anytime you need to. In addition to this, our software provides graph visualization of your water usage, automated weekly reports and alarms to ensure you always have information on your water availability and usage. 

How does the Smart Tank Sensor Work?

The Smart Tank sensor is installed on top of your plastic tank or on the side of your underground tank. The sensor uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure your water level and has a sim card inside the device which sends data to the Mobi-Water cloud server. The sensor does not come into contact with your water which prevents any contamination on your drinking water.

How does the smart meter work?

Similar to the tank sensor, our smart meters are installed with a communication module that reads the water flow and uploads this information to our cloud servers. The smart meters are available for all pipe sizes and work with water meters from various manufacturers giving you a wide range of options to choose from. For accurate pricing on your smart meter purchase, kindly contact us with your desired meter size (pipe size).

Are there any additional costs after I purchase the tank sensor or smart meter?

Yes, we charge an annual software subscription to cater for the software hosting expenses, device maintenance and sim card management. This subscription ensures you do not have to worry about your device being offline once it is installed. The Mobi-Water team will ensure consistent uptime of your sensor and software to allow you to focus on other day-to-day tasks.

How do you price your annual subscription costs?

Our annual subscription costs are billed depending on the number of user logins you have monitoring your smart tank sensor or smart meter. The available options are:

Up to 5 user accounts: -Ksh. 2,400 per year.

Unlimted User Accounts:- Ksh. 6,000 per year.  

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