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Who Are We?

Africa’s BEST Remote, Cloud-Based

Water Monitoring and Management Platform. 

At the heart of Mobi-Water is Proprietary, Reliable and Locally-designed Hardware and Software Solutions. Once a Mobi-Water Sensor is installed, it tracks and uploads water data to our IoT Cloud Platform where it is analyzed, processed and accessible to our Clients via Mobile App or Dashboard.

This provides our Clients with Total visibility of their Water Availability and Consumption, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to effienctly manage their available water and reduce their overall water expenses.

Smart Tank Level Sensors 

The Mobi-Level Sensor is a robust, Low Power, easy-to-install Tank/Reservoir sensor which allows you to monitor water levels in Any Tank/ Reservoir in Any Location.

With an easy 30 min installation, you will be able to monitor your tank water levels through the Mobi-Water Dashboard, Mobile App or SMS Notifications.

Smart Metering Solutions 

The Mobi-Flow Smart Meters are a revolutionary Real-Time Water Flow and Consumption monitoring solution which allows users to monitor their water consumption remotely.

Compatible with Different Manufacturer Brands, Mobi-Flow users get accurate water consumption data allowing them to improve their water consumption or distribution trends

Smart Billing Meters 

The Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters are an excellent solution which allows Full automated water consumption Billing and assured payment collection every month.

Whether you are looking for a Prepaid or Postpaid Billing Solution, Our End-to-End Solution will allow you to efficiently manage your Water Billing and Revenue Collection for your Utility or Property.

Mobi-Water Dashboard and Mobile App 


Access Your Water Information Anytime, Anywhere on the Mobi-Water App.


Get SMS Notifications whenever the Set Thresholds are Exceeded.


Use the Online Dashboard to do Deep Analysis and Water Balances using our Inbuilt Algorithms.


Manage your Properties Water Billing and Payment Collection seamlessly on our Dashboard.


Get Weekly Automated Reports on your Water Usage.


Clients we
Work with ….

Mobi-Water Sensors are used by an amazing list of Clients that include Water Utilities, Commercial Offices, Factories/Industries, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels/Restaurants and Individual Residential Homes. Here’s just some of our Amazing Clients…. 

Turn Any Ordinary Water System into a ‘Smart’ System.. 

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