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What is Mobi-Water?

Africa’s BEST Remote, Real-Time 

Water Monitoring, Management and Billing Platform. 

At the heart of Mobi-Water is Proprietary, Reliable, and Locally-designed Hardware and Software Solutions. Once any Mobi-Water Sensor is installed, it tracks and uploads water data to our IoT Cloud Platform where it is analyzed, processed, and made accessible to our users on the Mobi-Water App or Dashboard.

This provides our users with Total visibility of their Water Availability and Consumption, allowing them to make accurate data-driven decisions to efficiently manage their available water and reduce their overall water expenses.

Smart Tank Level Sensors 

The Mobi-Level Sensor is a robust, Low Power, easy-to-install Tank/Reservoir sensor which allows you to monitor water levels in Any Tank/ Reservoir in Any Location.

With an easy 30 min installation, you will be able to monitor your tank water levels through the Mobi-Water Dashboard, Mobile App or SMS Notifications.

Smart Metering Solutions 

The Mobi-Flow Smart Meters are a revolutionary Real-Time Water Flow and Consumption monitoring solution which allows users to monitor their water consumption remotely.

Compatible with Different Manufacturer Brands, Mobi-Flow users get accurate water consumption data allowing them to improve their water consumption or distribution trends

Smart Billing Meters 

The Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters are an excellent solution which allows Full automated water consumption Billing and assured payment collection every month.

Whether you are looking for a Prepaid or Postpaid Billing Solution, Our End-to-End Solution will allow you to efficiently manage your Water Billing and Revenue Collection for your Utility or Property.


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Mobi-Water Sensors are used by an amazing list of Clients that include Water Utilities, Commercial Offices, Factories/Industries, Hospitals, Malls, Hotels/Restaurants and Individual Residential Homes. Here’s just some of our Amazing Clients…. 

Turn Any Ordinary Water System into a ‘Smart’ System.. 

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