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Monitoring Water in Public Schools
Description: Monitoring Water Availability in Rural Public Schools 
Installation Location: 5 Counties across Kenya
Devices Installed: Smart Tank Level Sensors
Description: 105 Solar-powered  Smart Tank Level sensors are installed in Public Primary schools across 5 counties in Kenya. The data collected is shared with donor partners to plan for the provision of alternative water sources to the schools during drought periods.
Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Project Partner:- The Water Project(U.S.A.)
Monitoring Community Waterpoints
Description : Monitoring Water Consistency in Africa’s Largest Informal Settlement
Devices Installed: Smart Tank Level Sensors
Description: We installed 40 Tank sensors in Community Water and Sanitation Points in Kibera, Nairobi (Africa’s Largest Informal Settlement) to track water availability and consistency.
Upon installation, The Water Points achieved 30% increased water availability as the operators accessed real-time Water Availability information and SMS Alarms to notify them when the Kiosks were running Low on Water.
Funded by Aqua for All, Project Partner:- Umande Trust
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