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Why We Do It?

As a Water Engineer implementing Projects in Rural and Urban Kenya, our Founder, Kelvin Gacheru experienced water challenges first hand implementing and managing different water projects. Based in the Capital, Nairobi, Kelvin would have major challenges monitoring projects in different locations and upon travelling long hours to visit the sites, he would often find the projects had broken down and the communities meant to benefit from this projects still had no access to water.

While looking for monitoring solutions to address this, Kelvin found that no local solutions existed and imported solutions were too expensive and would often not work in rural locations. This gave birth to the first Mobi-Water Solution- An SMS-Based Realtime Tank Level Sensor that allowed him to Track Water availability and Usage in the Different sites which ensured they remained functional and benefitted the communities.

Over the years, this simple solution has evolved into an End-To-End Clould-Based Water Monitoring and Management Platform allowing Individual Homes, Businesses, Factories, N.G.O.s and Public Water Utilites to Monitor and Manage their Water.

Mobi-Water’s IoT Cloud Platform consists of a set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data from Field installed sensors. The platform consists of scalable, fully-managed cloud services; an integrated software stack complete with Filtering and Predictive Algorithms, Real-Time Analytics to ensure our Clients make Informed Data-Driven Decisions in their Water Management and Water Use.

About Mobi-Water


A Little Bit about Who We Are….

Our History

Mobi-Water evolved over years of progressive advancements, challenges and lessons, that come with innovation in the African Tech Space.

Mobi-water was started to solve a long prevalent problem, “To improve Water Access to All.” – a key component of the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Weintegrate technological solutions to improve already existing Water Service Delivery Models.

Our Philosophy

We are living in the age of Information and Data. Information shapes our world and it is becoming key in every aspect of modern life.

With Climate Change Effects, Population Growth and Rapid Urbanisation putting a huge strain on our water infrastructure, it’s time we start to effeciently monitor and manage this precious resource.

We are making people Water Wise and steadily working to tackle the water challenge in Kenya and rest of Sub-Saharan Africa

Our Team

At Mobi-Water, we share a passionate vision for the Company

Our diverse team consists of multi-skilled individuals dedicated to changing the African Water Sector.

The diversity in our team allows us to have a great understanding of diverse topics and expertise.

Our Values

At Mobi-Water, We strongly believe in the importance of clearly defined work values.

This allows us to operate seamlessly as a team and make operational decisions.

It also ensures that we hire individuals with the right mindset and build a strong working culture.

Our Projects

Staying true to our initial Company roots, we continue to do projects that improve water access for Kenyan communities.

Through partnering with organisations with similar interests, we develop ways of integrating IOT solutions and models to improve water access to communities.

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