Water Storage Sensors

Smart Tank Level Sensor

The Mobi-Level Sensor is a Robust, Low-Power, Easy-to-Install Tank/Reservoir Level Sensor which allows you to monitor Water Levels in any Tank/Reservoir in any Location. 

With an Easy 30 minute installation, you will be able to monitor your Tank Water Levels on the Mobi-Water App, Dashboard or by SMS Notifications

Smart Water Meters

Mobi-Flow Smart Meters

The Mobi-Flow Smart Meters are a Revolutionary real-time Flow and Consumption monitoring  Solution which allows users to remotely monitor their water consumption.

Through the Mobi-Flow Software, Users get accurate water consumption information to make smart data-driven decisions to improve their water usage and reduce on water expenses.

Smart Billing Meters

Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters

The Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters are an Excellent Solutions to Propety Managers / Landlords which allows full automated Water Billing and Assured Payment Collection every Month.

Once installed, the meter uploads Daily Water Consumption data and at the end of the month, an Automated Invoice will be sent to the Tenact. If the Invoiced Payment is not settled, the meter will remotely cut off water flow. Once payment is made, the meter will remotely open and the tenant will have Water Flow Again.

Prepaid Water Meters

Prepaid Water Meters

The Mobi-Flow Prepaid Meters a great option for sub-metering and Payment collection by Propery Owners and Property Management Firms. Similar to how Prepaid Power Meters work, a Water Meter is installed along the pipe and the client provided with a Customer Interface Unit(CIU). 

The Client will Purchase Tokens through Mobile Money (M-Pesa) and recharge the Meter through the Interface Unit. As the client consumes water, the tokens will depreciate. Upon Token Depletion, the water meter will remotely cut off water until the user purchases additional Tokens.

Have a Custom Monitoring Project in Mind?

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