Smart Meters (Residential Billing)


The Mobi-Flow Smart Billing Meters are an Excellent Solutions to Property Managers / Landlords which allows full automated Water Billing and Assured Payment Collection every Month.

Once installed, the meter uploads Daily Water Consumption data and at the end of the month, an Automated Invoice will be sent to the Tenant. If the Invoiced Payment is not settled, the meter will remotely cut off water flow. Once payment is made, the meter will remotely open and the tenant will have Water Flow Again.

Available in 0.5″ Meter Size.

  • Allows remote Shut-off Capability to cut off water flow without going onsite.
  • KeBS- Approved Water Meters.
  • Fully Battery-Powered  with 4-Year Battery Life; no external power supply needed.
  • Water Consumption data is updated Once-per-Day.

Areas of Application

  • Property Management Water Billing and Payment Collection.
  • Remote Water Monitoring in locations without External Power.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 13 cm
Meter/Pipe Size

0.5", 0.75"


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