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Mobi-Water Hardware

Our product range

Mobi-Water 2.0

The Mobi-Water 2.0 System is the latest upgrade which incorporates both GSM and LoRa Technology to allow accurate water data collection and uploading. The system has to components; the Mobi-Water Gateway and Sensor Nodes. Mobi-Water Sensor Nodes placed on Tanks/Reservoirs are able to take accurate water level readings and send this data to our Gateway using LoraWan Network. Our State of the art Gateways are able to combine data from multiple nodes and upload this data to the Mobi-Water Cloud using the local GSM Network.

Monitoring Devices

Built for harsh conditions and a wide range of Monitoring needs

Mobi-Flow Sensor Node

Mobi-Flow is our revolutionary solution to real-time water flow and consumption monitoring. The Mobi-Flow Sensor Node converts any water meter with a Pulse Output into a SMART METER, allowing it to be diversely used by both Displacement meters and Ultrasonic meterS, it can also be easily adapted to suite different meter sizes from domestic water meters to commercial and utility meters. With Mobi-Flow, users are able to monitor and analyze their water consumption remotely using our Software and make data-driven decisions to improve their water consumption or distribution trends.

Mobi-Water Sensor Node

Accurate - Affordable - Dependable

The Mobi-Water sensor node is a robust, low-power and solar-powered sensor node built to allow easy deployment and installation on any tanks/reservoirs. Using LoraWAN Technology, the sensor nodes are adaptible to various environments and have an inbuilt battery backup that allows up to 1 week battery reserve should Grid or Solar-Power not be available. With an easy 10 minute installation process, the Mobi-Water Sensor node can measure reservoirs up to 6 metres high and it is an ideal solution for monitoring water tanks used in homes, businesses and industries.

Mobi-Water Gateway

The Mobi-Water Gateway is at the core of our Hardware Infrastructure, it is a Locally designed and developed gateway incorporating both GSM and LoraWAN Connectivity. It uses LoraWAN as the primary means of communicating with the Sensor nodes and GSM to upload packaged node data to the Mobi-Water Cloud.

Mobi-Water 1.0

Our flagship product Mobi-Water 1.0 has proven to be an all purpose and durable water monitoring solution. Currently Mobi-Water 1.0 is being used to monitor water tanks in Homes, Businesses, Factories and Utility reservoirs. Installed in both rural and urban environments, the device has been a revelation in providing the backbone for the design of the Mobi-Water 2.0

Other uses cases being explored for the Mobi-Water 1.0 include river level monitoring, borehole monitoring, dams and surface water monitoring.

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