Analyse water trends,
Offline or Online.

View your data on any basic mobile device.

User Platforms

Different services for different clients

Water Data Made Simple

Accompanying our amazing Infrastructue is our easy to use, reliable front-end softwares which includes a Mobile App, Online Dashboard and SMS Platform. Users can access any of the platforms to view their water information and receive alerts. Using Graphs on the Mobile App and Online Dashboard, users can analyze their past water use and plan for future water use using accurate historical data.

Mobi-Water SMS

Our SMS service is ideal for users who do not have access to internet connectivity or smartphones.

With Mobiwater, they can still access relevant water information, scheduled alerts or alarms through the SMS service. These alerts and alarms are sent as easy to read text messages viewed on any basic mobile phone

This service is ideal for rural areas with little to no internet connectivity and is one of the most reliable options of communication especially in Rural Africa.

Mobi-Water App

The Mobi-Water app, available on both android and iOS, is an easy to use application with multiple features to allow users to monitor multiple tanks simultaneously, receive notifications when water level thresholds are exceeded and conducts basic analysis through generated graphs

It's easily login process, visual tank representation and graphs trends of daily, weekly, monthly water levels allow users to know their current available water and plan for their future water use.

Mobi-Water Net

The Mobi-Water Net is our Online Dashboard that allows users especially large organisations, industries and utilities to monitor and manage multiple water reserviors, in various geographical locations.

The dashboard provides a seamless way to qualitatively view, manage and analyse data on the platform.

It is suited for clients who want an in-depth analysis of their water use, enabling them to generate various reports, analyze graphs and predict water trends.

All your tanks in One place.

Manage Multiple reservoirs on the mobi-water dashboard.