Secure Data Storage.

Always be in the Know, Automate your water usage.

Mobi-Water Cloud

Convenient-Reliable- Accurate

Our most prized property.

This is where all value is generated. It is also where all information from our system is collected, analyzed and stored. The computing is managed in our cloud database and easily visualised by users on our softwares that is easy to interpret.

Mobi-Water Cloud

Monitor - Manage - Process

Our database provide a secure, robust and trusted architecture for effective data analytics. Our back-end is built to connect, receive and store data from the Mobi-Water Gateways. With extended fuctionality, it allows us to manage and control all Mobi-Water Devices, our servers are able to aggregate, process and handle real-time event processing of large volumes of data generated by our devices and applications.

Data Analytics

Receive - Analyse - Predict

Our Devices generate large volumes of data, which needs to be processed and analyzed in order to create value for our clients. Since water is a precious and valuable commodity, it is therefore critical to make as much value from this data in order to improve water management and availability. We are looking to run various algorithms in order to analyze past water use, create trends and predict future water use that will help our clients make improved data-driven decisions.

Understand your water Data.

All your tanks in One place.